Virtual Private Cloud

Managed networking functionality for your Cloud Platform resources

A virtual private cloud service that provides an isolated cloud network to operate resources in a secure environment.

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a special implementation of public cloud that uses a corporate firewall with virtual data isolation and is managed by a cloud provider. In a VPC, the cloud provider allocates and provisions a portion of its public cloud infrastructure for a single user of VPC, thus keeping the data of a VPC user isolated from other public cloud users.

RackUniverse’s Virtual Private Cloud is designed in a way that you get a section of cloud allocated to you and only your organization can access it. It is hosted on a public cloud but works like a private cloud. In RackUniverse’s VPC, you get your own dedicated network area, and even your own physical machines and customized portal.

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    Top Features


    Fully redundant power and networking covered by industry-leading SLAs.


    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected and secured using tools like Cloud Security Groups and private networking capabilities.

    Hybrid Capability

    Easily integrate with public and private clouds and dedicated servers using OpenStack.

    Global Availability

    Access to 6 world-class data centers across the globe allows you to deploy your applications close to your users to reduce latency.

    Flexible Options

    Choice of flavors, form factors and storage optimized for popular workloads, so you can find the right fit for your needs.

    Powered by OpenStack

    The world’s leading open-source cloud platform, backed by the pace and innovation of the 30,000 member OpenStack community.

    Speed, Reliability, Support & So Much More!


    We use premium grade custom hardware available from Dell and HP on a high speed Gig-E network that maximizes performance and redundancy.

    99.9% Network Uptime

    Our network has an uptime of 99.9% Guaranteed, we monitor our network constantly to ensure your sites are always online.

    24/7/365 Technical Support

    We’re always ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter with your projects.

    7 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a 7 days money back, no questions asked. There’s no risk, if you are not fully satistified with the service received, contact us to receive a refund.


    We’re serious about high security. The latest hardware and software firewalls protect our infrastructure. We diligently tweak and secure the Operating Systems running on our servers.

    Why RakcUniverse’s Virtual Private Cloud?

    Management & Control

    A dedicated private cloud is exclusively your cloud on your physical hardware. Computing resources are dedicated exclusively for your use unlike traditional cloud computing which is a shared environment. You get root or admin access and have complete control over the provisioning and managing of your resources. Your IT team still operates the environment, but they are no longer responsible for the maintaining and upgrading it, which is the responsibility of RackUniverse , freeing up time for your IT personnel. Your dedicated private cloud uses a single-tenant infrastructure from power, networking, servers, and storage through the cloud stack. Everything is installed, configured, managed, and monitored 24x7x365 by experienced engineers. RackUniverse takes care of patching, monitoring, and maintaining all the infrastructure.

    Custom Optimization

    Almost anything that will work in a self-run or co-lo public cloud is a candidate for a dedicated private cloud. RackUniverse ‘s dedicated private cloud comes with pre-installed applications to which we are constantly adding more every day. Common application uses include:

    • Customized line-of-business applications
    • Run multiple operating systems, applications and virtual machines
    • Data and applications with high security and compliance requirements
    • Cloud initiatives where you have recently made large on-premise investments
    • Applications that require a high degree of control
    • Mission-critical applications and workloads

    Cost Efficiencies

    Until now, dedicated private clouds have only been affordable to the largest companies because they rely upon proprietary software and hardware costing thousands of dollars a month. Starting at $114 a month, RackUniverse has put vurtual private clouds at an affordable price point for anyone. With a dedicated private cloud, RackUniverse maintains, owns and upgrades the infrastructure. You are paying to use that infrastructure as a service but unlike traditional cloud hosting where you are sharing resources (using public transportation with other passengers and paying by the mile), you have your own dedicated vehicle customized with your specifications and options. Capital expenditures on hardware are largely replaced by operational expenses on the service, creating potential economic and managerial advantages. There still may be software-related capital expense that you’ll have to layer onto the infrastructure environment, depending on your application stack. Finally, RackUniverse has the most robust yet affordable dedicated private cloud in the industry. We encourage comparison and welcome a phone call with your current provider and you to show you why we are the best choice for hosting your solution in terms of performance and price.

    Security & Uptime

    Because the infrastructure is solely dedicated to your deployment, you are able to establish your own security and compliance standards, as well as enforce and measure them. No one else is sharing or has access to your dedicated physical server. You have the enhanced security of a single-tenant environment with physically isolated network, computing, and storage layers. A dedicated private cloud supports stringent uptime standards. Resilience is one of the main reasons why organizations consider an off-premise solution like a dedicated private cloud versus maintaining their own datacenter or using a public multi-tenant cloud. There are many layers of redundancy that support uptime and recovery, both on and off your dedicated server.

    Flexibility & Performance

    Dedicated hardware resources provide consistent performance. No shared environment means no multi-tenant related performance issues and compromises. In a dedicated private cloud, you can run multiple operating systems, applications and virtual machines in a very cost effective manner. You don’t need multiple servers for the various functions and applications. You can run one application under Linux and another under Windows. You can spin up VMs in an instant, clone them and take a snapshot. If you need to rapidly expand your capacity beyond current levels, you can provision additional resources from RackUniverse . We are proficient at rapidly increasing capacity, and can do so quickly. Time-to-production is reduced in a dedicated environment versus self-run or co-lo environments. You can also develop and stage applications on the same server by creating a separate virtual machine.

    Need help? We’re always here for you.